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These limited edition astrological necklaces are a marriage of vintage and new components. They feature artfully carved glass intaglios with hand detailed gold zodiac signs.  The intaglios were sourced from vintage deadstock and are fully set in a new 18K gold plated silver frame.


 Floats from a new chain.   Chain choices include: oxidized silver, 18K gold plated silver or 18K rose gold plated silver.


.40"W x 1"L  (including the loop and bail)

weight - 1.70  grams


Available in the following colors:

**aries (ram) - periwinkle blue

**libra (scales)- pale blue with a tint of turquoise 

**aquarius - sheer violet

**capricorn (sea goat) - sheer orange

**cancer (river crab)- black

**leo (lion)- amber tone 

**taurus (bull) - royal blue

**virgo - blue-green tone

**sagittarius (archer)- sheer ruby red

**gemini (twins)- choice of emerald green (one twin standing) or blue-green(both twins standing)

**pisces (fish)- sheer smokey green tone

Taurus (bull) - sheer violet

Virgo - emerald green

Zodiac Star Sign Necklace

Chain Color
Zodiac Sign Pendant