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The perfect amulet for strength and protection. This mystical skull necklace is composed of double fire process mix of ceramic and enamel with a base of sterling silver. The eyes are adorned with faceted gemstones. 


Skull colors and gemstones choices include:

  • Black enamel with side opening and clear zircon eyes
  • Black enamel with top bail and ruby eyes
  • Pink enamel with clear zircon eyes
  • White enamel with blue topaz eyes
  • White enamel with ruby eyes
  • White enamel with gold metallic painted eyes
  • White enamel with black spinel eyes

Please note - each piece is hand painted and therefore may have variations in texture and tone.  

Chain choices include: oxidized silver, 18K yellow gold plated silver or 18K rose gold plated silver.

Measures .35"W x .40"L
weight 8.45 grams

Enamel Skull Necklace

Color and Gemstones
Chain Color